February 28, 2013
It's been a hectic few days leading up to the premiere.  We'll all be descending on San Jose today and tomorrow.  I fly out Friday morning.  We've been busy firming up our insurance, handling ticket requests for both Cinequest and Miami, and trying to obtain some donations of vino for our reception after the premiere Saturday night.  Kudos to Cubanisimo Vineyards in Oregon.  Mauricio, the owner, shipped a case down for us.  I'll try to keep you all connected with posts and photos.  There's still time if you're in the Bay Area, or anywhere in Cali to come to the world premiere. read more >
February 25, 2013
We are five days away from our premiere at Cinequest.  Our excitement is hard to contain.  Cubamerican's message of freedom of expression and triumph will soon resound with audiences.   read more >